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Brief Summary about our Program

 J.U.G. (Jus Us Girls) Nation Jewels Youth Program is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit mentoring sisterhood located in Phoenix, Arizona designed to inspire, educate and equip young girls, ages 12-18 with life skills, leadership training, and resources to increase their ability to succeed after high school. 

Introduction to JNT Shop

Jewels & Trinkets Shop is a divine assortment of custom jewelry & accessories designed by Jewels with Character, Class, and Culture! The concept and architecture of each piece are crafted by the girls of the Jewels Youth Program and each creation has the character that fit their personalities, Class of quality gemstones and the Cultural meaning and historical background of each stone.  

Fundraising Efforts 

JNT Shop was originated in 2016 from our Entrepreneur Workshop created to stimulate young girls to be an entrepreneur by learning business practices, softs skills, and hands-on experience to supply them other options to gain financial freedom besides the standard career path. The proceeds earned from JNT Shop are used to fund program activities, supplies, field trips and the Sponsor-A-Jewel in-house registration scholarship fund.

Invest in the Future of a Young Girl!

In a continued pursuit to pave a positive path and bright future for the young generation, we are exposing our young girls to new experiences, educational training, and invaluable resources/tools that will be instrumental in their success as young adults. As a nonprofit, our program can only thrive with help from the community through donations. We have multiple donation options; choose the one that suits you the best. Either way, TOGETHER, we can brighten the future of young girls and spark change in the world!

Become A Jewel!
 Are you a young girl that:

Is Destined to be Great?
Enjoy fun activities, trips and social time with friends?
Want to be equipped with tools that will prepare for your future as a young adult?

Interested in going to college or plans for a successful career?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you will LOVE J.U.G. Nation Jewels Youth Program!!!

Shirt Color

New Arrival!

Buy a Shirt AND Brighten a Girl’s Future!

As a nonprofit, all proceeds from the JNT Shop are used to fund our program’s registration scholarship, supplies, and activities so that we can continue to Inspire, Educate and Equip young girls to develop their future life’s plan with Power and Purpose. 

Allow 5-7 business days for shipping.

 Jewels N Trinkets Shop 


(2) Colors:  Hot Pink or Black

​​SIZES: S-XL: $15      2XL-4XL: $20