About the Founder

Valencia Goodson is a vibrant Woman of Valor who exemplifies a strong passion for being of service and believes in “doing the work” to help people live productive lives, which makes her one of our community leaders on the rise.  Her vision is to empower women of all ages to become leaders of this society, support their families and to do what is right.  Since 2006, Valencia’s civic background and focus on community service has led her to a number of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles with the Order of the Eastern Star fraternal organization and Catholic Charities to name a few that stimulated the desire to lead a movement of her own.

In 2009, Valencia started “Jus Us Girls” (JUG) Day in Baltimore, Maryland as a way to connect her girlfriends together in hopes that the union would build new friendships.  As the social meet-ups commenced, they expanded quickly; one friend would bring another and another until it multiplied into a beautiful circle of friends.  What started out as a small idea festered, taking on a shape of its own and sparked the vision to create a "Jus Us Girls" movement to connect other women as ONE Sisterhood …. and in 2014, J.U.G. Nation was born!

With this powerful sisterhood network, Valencia had the vision to use this platform of strong, positive and professional women to develop a mentoring program for young girls in a “Pay it Forward” effort to empower, develop and shape them into valuable assets to be successful after high school. As a result, in January 2015, Valencia & the ladies of J.U.G. Nation launched the J.U.G. Nation Jewels Youth Program. 

As a product of a dysfunctional past; a feisty, misguided, undisciplined teenager who became a mother at age 19 with no direction for her life after high school, there were major life skills like cooking, cleaning and finding a job that she did not have.  However, throughout her adult life, she was blessed to have women who invested in her, teaching her how to act like a lady and use her inner power to pursue her dreams. 

Through their guidance and Valencia’s determination to win, she has become a successful mother, wife, entrepreneur of three businesses with a Masters of Management degree.  Valencia’s philosophy is “It is not where you begin but where you end” and being motivated by the trials of her socially impaired childhood, being a young single mother and victim to a paralyzed generational cycle that weakens many families, Valencia made a commitment to herself to be better than her past, proving that the sky is truly the limit by using her educational, professional dreams and life experiences to be a role model to young girls to inspire and teach them how to ignite their inner power through valuable resources to equip them into strong and fearless young women.

As the old saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child”; well J.U.G. Nation has taken ownership to be the village and commit to paving a positive path for the youths and with Valencia’s leadership, giving spirit, management expertise and determination to succeed, this organization is destined to create bright young leaders, rebuild solid family structure which ultimately strengthens the community.