You wanna be a JUG (JusUsGirls) Nation Jewels?  Here’s why you should join us…


J- Joined together to promote a Positive Direction and Change in our Precious Gems.

E- Extraordinary young women on a journey to create the purpose drive life they desire to have.

W- Willing to go above and beyond to Motivate Jewels to reach their highest potential.

E- Empowering one other through our Sisterhood bond to love, support one another and stick together just as sisters do.   

L- Learning virtues to impart personal standards on self awareness and good citizenship.

S- Shaping Jewels into Shining Stars to be the next generation of young community leaders.

JUG Nation Jewels Youth Development Program

Shaping the Gems of our Tomorrow into Valuable Assets…One Young Lady at a Time.


  • Develop- Instill personal values that are realistic to their everyday lives to build a strong sense of self. Impart citizenship skills through community outreach that molds character traits of responsibility, teamwork and leadership.
    Unify- Create a positive and safe environment that teaches youths how to love and support one another through the sisterhood meetings, events and teambuilding activities.
    Connect- Joining youths with direct access to opportunities, tools and resources to guide them in designing a secure path with a sense of direction and purpose for their future.


To institute a sisterhood based mentoring program for young ladies, ages 12-21 designed to instill foundational values, leadership training and exposure to life enriching resources to increase their ability to succeed as  young adults.