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JUG Nation Jewels Youth Development Program

​​​​​​​Jewels Financial Assistance/Scholarship Program

As an organization with a passion to create a positive path for the young people, JNJYD Program authorizes the assessment of fees to contain a provision that allows the fees to be waived in the event of economic hardship to the youth from low-income households to allow the family/individual to afford the program. The Jewels Financial Assistance Program works with the business community to acquire funding to supplement the costs for new members under the following categories:


Payment Plan - Assistance may be in the form of a payment plan whereby

the cost of the program will be spread over a period of the registration period.

($50/month for 3 months- October, November, December; final payment due

by December 16)

Sponsor-A-Jewel Scholarship- full year registration cost for one member is
donated by a local business donor.

50 Match Scholarship- parent/guardian pays half of annual registration costs
 per enrolled member ($75); other half ($75) is supplemented by the program.

Multi-Child Household Savings- Multi-Child Household Savings- discount provided to household to multiple teens girls who enroll in the program. $25 deducted for each member passed.  For example: 

(2) members-$275;

3 members- $400;

4 members- $525

To find out if you qualify, please complete the Financial Assistance Application Form fully located below.