J.U.G. (Jus Us Girls) Nation Jewels Youth Development Program is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization in Phoenix, Arizona that offers mentorship, training and resources to young ladies, ages 12-21 years old through instilling foundational virtues and leadership techniques to equip them for life as a young adult. Our program helps to foster the Jewels with strength of character, respect toward others and the community, affirmative behavior and most importantly, a positive environment that promotes a bond of sisterhood, love and respect toward one another.Type your paragraph here. The young people are our future and with an epidemic of social problems plaguing their generation, it is the collective responsibility of the community to redirect them and the JUG Nation Sisterhood Organization is destined  to contribute to a solution!  As strong and powerful Sisters and Leaders of JUG Nation LLC,  we are passionate, committed and determined to pave a positive path for the next generation and those following by Shaping the Gems of our Future into Valuable Assets.