Mary Daniels- Administrative Coordinator
Mary Daniels is a mother of four children, two boy and two girls ranging in age of 33-42.
She has lived in Phoenix two years. She has a passion for helping people of all ages especially young girls. It is a pleasure to assist these young women with positive guidance and skills that will assist them in becoming productive, educated women. She met the Founder Valencia Goodson at 2015 Back to School event, who briefly explained  the program, and Mary was impressed, She immediately signed up to volunteer. She brings life skills, administrative assistance, and love to each young lady that participate in the program.

Patricia Stigars- Events Coordinator

Pat Wesley-Stigars serves as an Event Coordinator for JUG Nation Jewels Youth Development Program. Pat has always had a passion to mentor, teach and improve the lives of our youth. She is a wife and mother of 2 wonderful teen twins. Her daughter is an active member of JUG Nation. Pat also is active member in her community and church. Because of her Midwest roots, hard work and determination has propelled her to succeed in the business world. Her passion is to encourage the youth to be their personal best no matter what obstacles that you face, always remember there is hope and victory if you don’t’ give up. Although Pat holds a MBA and BS degree, her accomplishments is seeing the youth reach their goals and become future leaders.

Andrea Hodges- Communications Coordinator

Andrea Hodges, is a single mother of four beautiful daughters and one beautiful granddaughter. I have lived in the Phoenix area for 25 years, previous from Minneapolis, MN. I have always been involved with youth group that mentor young girls. I have been involved with Girl Scouts as a Leader, Service Team Member, Event Coordinator for 25 years.  I have been a foster parent for 18 years. In 2015 My girls were interested in joining the program because they knew several of their peers who were in the group.  As I learned more and more about the organization and felt that it would be something I could also be a part and bring what knowledge and resources that I can bring to the table. It has been a great experience for my girls to be a part of and I have noticed the growth in them while being part of this sisterhood.  

Sharon Franklin-Fundraising Coordinator
Sharon Franklin is a retired Software Project Manager with a passion for young women's  development. As a young executive I saw a need for helping young women in career aspirations by empowering them with self esteem tools to conquer the corporate world. As a volunteer for many different women's organization including Battered Women's Shelters it seemed a easy fit to join JUG Nation Jewels. As an organization that empowers & helps young girls develop self awareness this was a perfect fit.

Christopher Thomas- Business/Compliance Manager

Christopher Thomas, a native of Chicago, IL, has been a Phoenix transplant for over twenty years.  In addition to years of experience Accounting, Purchasing, and Tax Preparation, he assists the Management Team with budget planning, policy building, and 501(c)(3) adherence/reporting. Mr. Thomas acknowledges the community's need for JUG Nation Jewels and will continue to provide aid to further the  organization's efforts to answer the call. 

JUG Nation Jewels Youth Development Program

Shaping the Gems of our Tomorrow into Valuable Assets…One Young Lady at a Time.

The young people of today are our future and with an epidemic of social problems plaguing their generation, it is the collective responsibility of the community to redirect them toward a positive path.  We, the ladies of JUG Nation LLC have formed a realistic and hands-on approach to shape the Jewels of our Tomorrow into Valuable Assets, one young lady at a time through character education, vocational experiences, new adventures and prominent resources that will equip them with tools to be successful as young adults. 

                   ​​​                          Saretha Jones-Goodloe
                                     Program Administrator/Chief Financial Officer

                                    Jewel Master Leader

I am a mother of three children’s, two handsome young men and one beautiful daughter.  I was born and raised in St. Louis MO, but have been living in the Phoenix area for the last 25 years.  If you asked people close to me what my passion was most would say that I’m the type of person who likes to help others in any way that I could.  I’ve always wanted to work for an organization group that catered to young girls and young women.  In fact, I’ve often stated that once I retired I wanted to go work for a non-profit organization.  When Mrs. Valencia Goodson the Founder approached me and asked if I would assist her in creating this program I was all for it.   One of the reasons why I wanted to give back to our youth was because I felt that the basic life skills were not being taught or was touched on very little in today’s schools.  I look forward to seeing the young girls that will attend our program grow from the skills provided to them as they move along from adolescence to adulthood.


Meet the Jewels Leadership Team

                                              Valencia Goodson
                                      Founding Executive Director

                                      Jewel Master Leader

 In 2009, Valencia Goodson started “Jus Us Girls” (JUG) Day in Baltimore, Maryland as a way to connect group of girlfriends together in hopes that the union would build new  friendships. As the social meet-ups began, they expanded quickly; one friend would bring another and another until it multiplied into a beautiful circle of friends. What started out as a small idea festered and took on a shape of its own and sparked the vision to create a Jus Us Girls movement to connect other women as ONE Sisterhood …. and in 2014, JUG Nation was born! With this powerful sisterhood network, Valencia had the vision to use this platform of strong, positive and professional women to develop a mentoring program for young girls in a “Pay it Forward” effort to empower, develop and shape them into valuable assets to increase their ability to be successful after high school. As a result, in January 2015, Valencia along with the sisters of J.U.G. Nation launched the JN Jewels Youth Development Program. Inspired by the trials of her socially impaired childhood, being a young single mother and victim to a paralyzed generational cycle that weakens many families, Valencia made a commitment to herself to be better than her past proving that the sky is the limit while using her educational and professional dreams and life experiences to be a role model to young girls while providing life Founder of JUG Nation LLC/Jewels Youth Program 2 and leadership education and connections to resource opportunities to afford them the chance to fulfill their dreams in a pursuit to living a rewarding and self-sustainable life as young adults.