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JUG Nation Jewels Youth Development Program

Shaping the Gems of our Tomorrow into Valuable Assets…One Young Lady at a Time.

Program Overview

JUG Nation Jewels Youth Development Program is designed to take the young ladies on a comprehensive life changing journey where they will discover a balanced sense of self and personal responsibility that will give insight into finding their purpose.  With a renewed awareness, Jewels will develop a vision that will direct their ambition and purpose into a solid plan for their life after high school.  This program is designed to teach and provide applications of foundational virtues or “Jewels”  that are essential in the progression and success of the participants lives who enter the program.

Development Levels

Character Education

A profound introduction and universal discovery of self.  This level is designed to promote interpersonal and intrapersonal value and foundational virtues (we call “Jewels”) through a focused effort to help youths understand, care about and act upon ethical values. 

Entrepreneurial Workshop

Hands-on learning opportunity to educate and inspire youths to start their own business.  This interactive workshop will teach our young Jewels about being an entrepreneur through setting up a business model to launch a jewelry business. 


Career Exploration and Skill Development

Introduction to career and educational options and resources that is available to help youth get a sense of jobs in the marketplace, identification of their interest and skills while receiving personal guidance on how to prepare for life as a college student.

Junior Mentorship Program

A leadership in training initiative to pair-up incoming, Level One Jewels with the Upper Level Four Jewels in addition to their Jewel Master leader.

Membership Requirements

  •  Must be a female youth and young adults
  •  Must be at least 12 years of age; will accept ages 11 ½ if birthday is in the next 2 months of registration.
  • Should display good personal character
  •  Cannot indulge in illegal drug substances


Registration Costs

Become a Jewel

 $150.00 annual membership costs

Cost includes meeting meals, stylish Jewels T-Shirt and program lesson supplies

Pay registration costs using the button below:


Registration is required in order to become a member of this program.  Membership is open to all residents in the City of Phoenix between the ages of 12-18 years old.  Click the button below to download and fill out the membership form by hand or register online using our online form below: